SDO Muntinlupa has continuedly developed its management system through rigorous Division Technical Training on Information Technology at Tagaytay Haven Hotel on March 2-4.

The said training aimed to monitor and strengthen the school-based eHRIS, reach the 100% creation of DepEd email accounts of teachers, sustain the management of the CCTV systems, and prepare school community in the different IT projects such as RFID Daily Attendance Monitoring System and other systems being planned for implementation in the public schools.

Mr. Randy M. Vargas, Division IT Officer I, designed the said training to essentially concentrate on improving oneself with the swift ingress of technologies in education. “We are obliged to be technologically-oriented now a day. In a wink of an eye, change happens. We, as educators must always be ready for something wow!”, Mr. Vargas said. He also mentioned how grateful he is for the consistent effort of Dr. Mauro C. De Gulan to welcome innovation in the Division.

From the establishment of the Disaster-risk Reduction Awareness and Child-safety Command and Coordinating Center, the management of IP cameras (CCTV) System, and Data Base Training and Development System, SDO has proven that innovations are mantras to success.

Aside from the service efficiency these innovations offer, they also give Muntinlupa an opportunity to live with the ISO standards. “I consider CHANGE as a once-in-a-life opportunity. Grab it as it strikes”, Dr. De Gulan said.