Muntinlupa, first Division to receive ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification

Winning is derived from commitment towards work and perseverance to triumph.

After the dedication shown, time and effort invested, and service rendered, SDO Muntinlupa received its ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management System Certification on  March 16.

Dr. Mauro C. De Gulan, Schools Division Superintendent, was delighted to finally hear that ISO Accreditation was successfully clinched by the Division of Muntinlupa, through the effort of all the members of the organization from the lowest up to the highest ranking positions.

“Everyone rendered his selfless desire and incomparable contribution, which of course is rooted from the concept of ascendancy for advancement. Now that we are ISO accredited, this obliges us to do more and achieve more”, Dr. De Gulan stated.

The said accreditation greatly spoke about the competent management system of the division. After having passed the numerous orientations and auditing procedures for almost 6 months, SDO Muntinlupa proved that it had achieved the objectives set by the organization and shown conformity to the standards. Armed with this ISO certification, SDO officials and staff hope to continuously improve customer satisfaction as regards the consistent delivery of effective and efficient services among teachers and school heads.

More so, the ISO certification is a testament to the wise and effective use of resources and improved risk management of the Schools Division Office. Though it was indeed overwhelming to be recognized as the first ISO-certified school division office in the country, the SDS said, “We still have more to improve and becoming better is still our top priority.” Keeping up with the ISO quality management standard, the SDO is fuelled with the drive to better attain a more systematic process of doing various transactions as well as the provision of technical assistance to schools.

“It is indeed very timely. This is a great manifestation that CI is prevailing in the Division, and this only happens when responsible members of an organization act as a team towards the attainment of a common goal”,  Dr. De Gulan said.

ISO is an international institution on standards and quality. According to Wikipedia, “It is an international standard-setting body composed of representative from various national standards organizations”.